03 April 2011

Beautiful typical family random

Thomas: "Asher is more mischievous in a tank top." I concur.

After this trip to the doctors I was so embarrassed that I almost cried and tied my tubes. Myself. Sorry, too graphic. But boy howdy those kids thought it was their job to run around in the outdoor waiting room like it was a Nascar track simultaneously competing in speed, noise, and naughtiness.

And just when I am ready to hire a full-time Zoo keeper to take my place Ambrose does really classically precious things like climb trees and hold puppet shows with all the voices and songs:

And Asher struts around all stripey and precious... making classic Asher faces like this:

If you know him at all you know what sound was coming out of his mouth when this picture was taken (if you said, "Dish" or "Ish" or any variety of that you win 10 points).
And we pretend it's summer because we can:

And I really kid myself into thinking I have time to read a whole new teeny bopper series, because it is so much fun:

When really I should be sitting poolside grading papers (just like I should be now... blogging has always been the most fun way to procrastinate, no?) So instead I take one of these pictures of myself:

Because.... why again? Don't pretend like you never have. Liar! A side-effect of the Myspace/Facebook generation. Oh, me? I'm just sitting here casually by the kiddie pool in my swim suit and someone took my picture without me knowing... weird.

Anyway, what I am meandering around saying is that motherhood is so much fun right now even if they constantly make me look frazzled in public. It's a chance to be a kid all over again and while they are still so young I get to plan the adventures!

Chasing the animals around the Ranch after swim lessons:

Hanging out at the Zoo with our pals all day long:

Spreading train tracks all over the house for hours and hours:

Family walks:

Library time, crafts, sunscreen, drum lessons, tantrums, time-outs, science experiments, dance parties, dinners with the missionaries, sweet little kid prayers, Ambrose saying "Ok! Fine!" with a groan after everything I ask him to do, long car rides with someone complaining, kids shows, stories, treats, stylish little boy shoes, really sincere conversations, sand everywhere- I'm loving it all!

And at about 6:30 every night we feed them, bathe them, brush their teeth, read to them, pray with them, sing to them, kiss them and close their door for the night. And that's pretty awesome too!

You know, the typical family random. It's the most fun I have ever had in my entire life.


Becky said...

I just want you to know that I love reading your blog posts. I am so excited when I open my browser and see you have a new post. I am enamored with your life and writing, I love it and tell Chase about it all the time while he just laughs at me. I wish we lived closer so we could be friends!

liko said...

ah, the lives we live!! so dang awesome. every.single.bit of it. love and miss you friend. and heck, yeah, i take pictures of myself all the time. haha. someone's gotta do it! let's get together soon!! i want a girls night where i can be included without being a zombie!

KristenE. said...

I'm in bed reading this on my iPhone under the covers and cracking up!!! You are such a gem, my friend. I'm so grateful to have you as such a wonderful friend and example in my life. I really had fun with you and the boys! They had me cracking up all day :) Love you!

AJ said...

I loved this post!

Greene said...

Life is good and your boys are so cute!

The Price Family said...

I love this post too!!! And I am on the book Pretties too. I forget that once you start a teeny bopper series it is a commitment that you must finish. HA I miss you

Ashley said...

Cute fun boys! I love those two sassy boys.

Taylor said...

i am loving ambrose in his upstanding youth shirt.