11 April 2011

Happy Kids

Perfectly lined up little snack plates can only mean one thing around here:

Happy School!

This month the kids are learning how to be peacemakers. Precious little hippies.

Post edit: Asher has never been so popular. He almost didn't know how to act so he just giggled a lot and let them do whatever they wanted to him. There were a few head bonks... but no tears...

And I think this concludes my love affair with the free Lomo iPhone app... I used to like the vintage feel of it, but now it's just too blurry for my taste. Although, it has been a blurry morning so far so I guess the good old Lomo app captures that well. Peace.


Ashley said...

It kind of looks like Ambrose is pointing, did he not learn how to be a peace maker? Cute kids!

Carol and Tyler said...

Stephanie!! I found your blog via facebook-thank you zuckerburg- and have LOVED seeing what you're up to!! Remember how I should have moved to Hawaii with you in college? Then maybe I'd be enjoying the sun instead of rain/slush!!


ashley said...

"mom, a got to pich up asher today.... we had fun.... peace mom!"

always a treat to hang at the robertson hale.