11 April 2011

Getting out!

Upstanding Youth hasn't played shows in ... way too long. I miss it! Saturday was Demitri's birthday dinner and it was the next best thing. I was really excited to be out with adults, at night, without children... well, my children specifically. I love those little boys so much, but sometimes, it's just nice to get out with the big kids.

See, creepily excited:

(Kristen do you recognize the really cute houndstooth gift bag? It now belongs to D.)

Birthday boy:

And friends:

Thomas and Stephanie attempt a couples portrait with inelegant results:

I'm fairly confident he'll treasure his skull tie and paper (paint or draw on it yourself!) watch forever:

'Twas a great night.


ashley said...

a night with the big kids... always much appreciated. sometimes we just gotta get out and play with our own kind.

Monica said...

Gotta love date nights.... they keep us all sane!

boo face mcjones said...

Oh to be young and free again! And with such cute shoes and pants no less!

liko said...

um, i take credit for the houndstooth giftbag. yo look hott girl!!!