13 April 2011

Come craft with me

You could make a cute felt banner like this one I made during nap time the other day. Isn't it so satisfying to make something cool that takes less than a nap time to complete? Ahhh, feels good.

Oh, you can't really see how cute it is because I waited to photograph it after I had already nailed it into the wall and it's hard to photograph something through a window and see what it is in full detail? Live and learn Stephanie. Live and learn. I tried a couple of times before surrendering to my own defeat.

Guess you'll just have to come over and see for yourself. Come craft with me Thursday night 4/14 @ 7:30 til we are done!

In preparation for your visit I have put Ambrose to work cleaning the house:

Did he miss a spot?

Oh there he got it!

See ya Thursday!


Matti said...

hehe...cute! I am so glad Taylor is in town, cause it gave me a good excuse when I presented it to the hubs like this, "Um, there is a girls night at Stephanie's before Taylor goes home. Can I go??" Well, and I am just glad Taylor is in town...I mean, you know what I mean? Taylor, if you read this I love you.

Matti said...

oh, and I meant to say I love that banner. i should make me a birthday one tonight, and finish my curtains, and sew those 5 baby gifts....hmmmm...where to begin?