15 April 2011

Thoroughly productive

1. Katie cut out t-shirts
2. Matti chose the fabric for my craft
3. Natalie took our fat-faced portraits (Best 99cent App ever.)
4. Rachel instigated some short-lived truth or dare
5. Meg worked on curtains
6. Stef laughed at shenanigans
7. Taylor was the guest of honor
8. Jonna cut out easter eggs for her garland
9. And I prepped a craft I'll make someday

CRAFTY - SCHMAFTY. One great night!


Ashley said...

Im sorry I missed out on the fun! next time!!! I need to start thinking of a craft!...=)

ashley said...

just another ashley who is bummed she missed it! boo. but my freaking head was going to explode.

liko said...

just me, another bummed out lame-o craftnight dropout. hmm, what excuse this time...maybe i was tired, not new? oh. maybe because i was having difficulty breathing due to the awesome vog? maybe both of those reasons? i'm laughing at whatever rachel is doing in that picture and i feel so out of the loop lately and seems like there is just so many things filled in on the calendar, i just can't keep up! but i really miss you and the rest of the girls and i need to pencil a fun girls night in SOON!!! (just not this week because of youth conference and work and easter and birthdays...)maybe next?? just don't forget me. love ya.

We like to party... said...

shucks. I'm bummed I missed it too. I partially forgot about it... but remembered at about 8pm that night. I blame it on kids. the more kids you have, the more things your forget.
next time fo sho!

We like to party... said...

'the more things "your" forget?'
kids make you forget to proof your comments too!
meant "you".. but you knew that already right?

echo said...

i miss all the good stuff :(

Josh and Laura said...

So...your "guest of honor" Taylor is one of my very best friends in HB! She's my miscarriage-buddy in the ward and I laugh and cry and vent to her more than she'd like! No surprise you two know each other because I can totally picture you being friends!

Diana said...

i'm not sorry i missed! hahahahaha just kidding. looks fun. i'm just craft impaired. what a delightful group you have gathered. here's to many more.