05 May 2011

Quilting Bee

I get to quilt once a month with about ten other ladies from my church ranging from my age to wise grandmotherly ages, which is great since they really know their stuff.

I learned a lot last night and can't wait for next time! Well, I can wait a little because I am supposed to make the next quilt top and just about everyone there is way better than me so, uh, I need to not pull my usual "good enough" motto with this project.

I even got some mothering advice from a woman I really look up to that I am going to try out on my little ones this week.

So nice to sit around a quilt learning from other women, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. I felt part of a grand tradition for sure.


Megan said...

I need this! I made a quilt top a few months ago and have yet to do anything with it because I don't know how to mark and topstitch!!! I really should figure it out soon as it's a baby quilt and Rivers is growing before my eyes!

Roeckers said...

How fun!!
This past month our YWs made 15quilts to give away to a homeless shelter. They have 80beds so our goal is to make enough for each bed to have one by Christmas time. Hopefully with the help of our RS and in Sept when we do another month of quilting we will be able to come up with enough. We even had the boys help Tie them! It was fab!!
There is something almost magical about sitting around a quilt tying!

ashley said...

that is awesome. seriously, awesome. i love the wisdom of the ages and having is passed down as you sit and quilt! amazing. do share the advise you got, i am going to ask tomorrow at swim lessons. so BE READY.

ashley said...

oh, and i am now getting off the computer to finish that damn binding on that damn quilt that has been waiting ivy's whole lifetime to be finished. so thanks for that.

.Ang. said...

I love quilting bees! I've learned so much from other women and older generations from tying quilts next to them!

I wish I could do it more!