06 May 2011

My family this Friday:

Ambrose likes:
gurgling laughter
"being brave of things"
attacking with affection

He also loves making his bed like so:

Asher likes:
being rascally
keeping his eyes glued to the television
being a good caretaker of his stuffed animals
copying his brother
distributing affection
dumping things out
making sad people happy

This is what he will look like when he is 14 years old and starts his first garage band with his bffs:

Maybe they'll also call themselves The Hefty Bagels because that is one of the greatest band names of all time.

Thomas likes:
working with his friends in the studio
Asher hugs
Ambrose antics
his wife
air drumming in the car

(By the way, I made this list for him. There's no way Thomas Robertson would answer a question like, "What did you like about this week?" let alone give an answer like, "Air drumming in my car!" These are my own observations.)

Did I mention he loves UY?

It's true. I love that he has his pals and hobby all wrapped in one awesome face-melting package.

Stephanie likes:
sick days home with her babes all day minus the kids not feeling their best
her new chart that keeps her organized
the Malaekahana bike path
short black nails
Eisley all day everyday
good babysitters
her family near and far
good friends

Here's a blurry picture of the most amazing wedding announcement she has ever received!

It even smelled exotic and shimmery when I opened it! Amazing. Has anyone ever been to an Indian wedding? I am told it is a weeklong celebration and is not to be missed and therefore, I am very sad to be so far away and missing the wedding of someone I have been buddies with since we were both new girls in our fifth grade class.

That's us this Friday. Have a great weekend!


liko said...

bits and pieces of your life sound so rad.

and i've got some black polish with tiny flecks of shimmer in it if you want to paint your short nails black and don't want to buy polish...

i'm sporting fuschia toes myself these days...

Nate and Julie said...

We went to an Indian 10 year anniversary party once. It was quite something. I would imagine that a wedding would be at least 10 times more extravagant and wonderful. Too bad you have to miss it.
P.S. I love your lists.

melissa said...

yeah, very good lists. i enjoy air drumming in the car and short black nails and dumping things out and rhyme too. maybe we'd get along?

EmlovesJames said...

I love reading your blog!

Anna K. said...

OH your family is amazing! Inspirational! You have the best mix of hobbies, personalities, character all mixed in one cute little bundle!

laurel said...

Laurel likes:

This post
being carried away by music
road trips
people that are quick to laugh
the clever things kids say
the fact that we totally hung out in Hawaii

Poonum said...

HAHA!! THEY SMELL EXOTIC! That, my friend, is the smell of India :) So sad you'll be missing it. But I'm in the process of delegating a Blog Person so people can still join in on the festivities via The World Wide Web. keep you posted! *hug*

.Ang. said...

I love this post!

As you can see I've been posting a lot of comments today. I always open your blog up to leave a comment then I get distracted and it never happens. I ended up having your blog open in like 17 different tabs and realized IT IS TIME!

Just so you know I read your words faithfully! and I love what you write!


See you soon!