08 May 2011

Upstanding Youth Weekend!

Friday at Surfin Tacos (Everyone wanted their husband to agree right then and there to being just like the two-steppin old couple someday!)

Saturday night at Paparazzi and out to eat after!

This weekend was made possible by Tori the wonder babysitter and the wonderful G&G Robertson! Thanks!


laurel said...

Ohhh, ah oooh, I wish... you a happy mother's day! I'm sending you a love punch.. ha! no... I'm sending you a love HUG!

liko said...

happy mother's day, dear friend.
looks like fun!
and that old couple was in my ward and they are pretty rad!!

Poonum said...

how is your hair so long already? did you JUST do a massive chop-chop?

stephanie joy said...

It is growing!! I want it longer already! :)