31 May 2011

Vintage Love

Have you checked out Age of Bliss yet? Chances are you already know Anna and that means you love her a whole lot. We got a little piece of her fantastic shop today in the mail!

A fantastic book for the boys:

And an adorable dress for me!

Look out beaches of Oahu... you will be seeing this dress on repeat all summer long!

And while we are on the subject of fabulous vintage finds, I have been meaning to send a big huge MAHALO to my other vintage guru pal Lisse. Anna, Lisse, and I (along with T and a few others) were unstoppable at the Savers and Salvation Armys of Hawaii back in our day... well, we are still in "our day" for the record so I guess I should say back in the college days!

Lisse also runs a successful vintage shop called Tigerlily Vintage and one day I opened my mailbox to find this parcel of vintage goodness:

YUM. Who else just got all giddy looking at that. ME TOO!

I love my friends. Keep being awesome. And move back to Hawaii.

Who's feeling a craft nite is in order? I wanna make something.


ashley said...

looooove that dress!
and yes please to a craft night!

kimball said...

You're just trying to attract me to your blog by playing Led Zeppelin. Good song.

stephanie joy said...

Let's do it Ash! And Dad- OF COURSE! Where do you think I get my Led Zeppelin love from? It's in my blood. :)

Anna K. said...

Yay Stephanie! I love the dress on you! It looks perfect. If only I could go with you to the beach...that sounds so fun right now.

echo said...

i have been looking for blue bobbles to use for trim for gideons baby blanket. i just got real jealous.
i am loving all the vintage

Melissa said...

super cute!!

Melissa said...

oh also I looove this song. reminds me of the good ol days ;)