02 June 2011

Not the most manly name

Ambrose has a set of tough-guy action figures that do very daring things all day long and have names like "Rock," "Gel-o," and "Green Gel," and "Batman" of course... fairly manly right?

Well yesterday I kept hearing this guy getting called into the extremely tense rescue mission going on off the edge of the counter way down to the depths of the living room rug and not quite believing my ears I asked, "Ambrose what's the name of that tough-guy?"



"Yeah, Share."

I wish he knew how to spell more than his name and a few basic sight words, I could verify the spelling.

But: Share/Cher.... it's hilarious either way.

No wonder Share/Cher has so many muscles and wears such revealing attire. Somebody's compensating for something.



Ashley said...

Laughing out loud at work! I love Cher/Share.

Sheila... said...

love it Ambrose!

kimball said...

He is at the perfect age to learn to share. Excellent.

Thomas said...

I'm 92% certain that the guy's name is spelled "Share."

Karen in Progress said...

hahaha... that's hilarious! "Share" sounds like as good of a name as Rock Man if you ask me.

P.s. I'm a new follower. Love your blog!