19 June 2011


Sometimes Ambrose calls Thomas "Pops" and me "Sis". We don't know why, but we like it anyway.

So here's to you Pops!

He makes cool things:
20 instagram photos, galvanized wire, and copper pipes.
And comes up with fun outings:

I had his look-alike:

And he puts up with the fact that I don't let him relax on the pillows in the background of that last photo.
We've been feeding him all of his favorite things today:

And trying to treat him like a king because he captures our everyday moments, likes to spend time with us, works hard for us, and is fun!

Hope your having a fun day Pop!

Sis, Ambeast, and Thrasher


Melissa said...

i need your wall art in my house. it's amazing! how did you guys make it?

stephanie joy said...

He printed like 20 Instagrams from MPix and then bound them together with skinny wire with two oxidized pipes from the yard on either end. He's crazy. Good crazy though! haha Give it a try! It seems like quilting to me! :)

sheila said...

Wow, he is the man! I love that wall art!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!!

and I like the new header

and I'm going to call you sis now.

stephanie joy said...

Please do :)

Mariko said...

Yes, ditto on the cool wall mural thingy. What DO we call that?

And he likes that fruit salad that has nothing to do with fruit or salad?
Awesome again.

laurel said...

Thomas is seriously cool. I LOOOOOOOVE that thing he made with his photos. It speaks to my very soul in the most graceful way.

stephanie joy said...

We love you :)