20 June 2011

Look what we can do!: Part Three

Echo A in Hawaii gets a whole post dedicated to her craft spree she has been on lately. She sent me all these pictures with an email that said, "i have been on a bit of a roll lately. i don't know if you are like me but my sewing inspiration and desire comes in waves. it just so happens i am on one right now."

I think we all know what you mean for sure Echo! I have craft draughts and craft explosions and it comes and goes in waves for sure. I don't think that it hurts that she got a spiffy new Bernina for Mothers Day either. Yes, that certainly helps.

It helped her finish a quilt she has been working on for her son Gideon:

And she kept those creative juices flowing when she completed these sweet baby projects:

She's also been having fun creating a variety of circle skirts for her daughter Adelaide:

and I can't say I blame her. I mean, I'll spare you my usual, "Wah, wah, I need a daughter to sew for routine," and skip straight to, what would this look like in Mama-form? I want.

And last, but most certainly not least, she made this adorable apron for our friend Megan who just got married. Look at that workmanship and who doesn't love the Chevron look? I am a sucker for it every time, but a reverse Chevron? Now that's cool. I'll take one of these too please.

Let's tack her friend Matti from Hawaii on this one as well for good measure. You remember her from her cute sundresses and baby seat covers? Well, she made this precious little tie for her son Texton out of a man's tie:

She didn't even send this to me, I just saw it on her porch when I was hanging out the other day and I snatched it up and stole a quick photograph so SURPRISE MATILD! :)

Alright, who's ready to start their own crafting spree? How about a craft revolution? ME! I'm ready! See ya next time. We have a few more to go, but feel free to keep sending in pictures any chance you get so we can all stay-in-touch and inspire each other! Peace out crafty types.


Karen in Progress said...

I'm always up for a craft spree. I'm knitting a purse now, so I'll send you a pic when I get it done.

stephanie joy said...

Oh fantastic! Looking forward to it! Welcome to the "society". :)

liko said...

uh, yeah, as soon as i FINISH SOMETHING i will send you a pic so you and i can die of shock.

Melissa said...

sweet baby hats!
matild's tie is the aus sauce. i want it.

I have a bazillion things that I have sewn lately, I got a new Bernina a few months back too. Actually it makes sewing even more enjoyable!

modestmuse said...

Cute stuff! And I love the nail polish -- I feel so bad I couldn't get any for your birthday :( A belated happy b-day by the way! And I love your header. How do you make them?? I need major help. I don't have the time to blog let alone make a header. Mine is all screwed up and old. Help!

melissa said...

yo gabba i love your header. atta steph.

Karina said...

I also have craft waves...unfortunately it usually takes more than one wave to finish a project, so Devin has to endure crafty stuff taking up half the dinner table for a week. :D
I don't sew. But if I had a sewing machine, I swear those circle skirts were cute enough to induce me to sew.
PS I love the new blog look. And I can read it better.