21 June 2011

June Goals

May came and went and I did work on my goals.
1. Happy to report that we are dinnering together every night possible and Ambrose has eaten 24/25 new foods! It has not been easy to get that kid to try new things, but doing these things helped a ton. So so much. I stay firm to my plans and sometimes he goes straight to bed hungry, but we are all learning and I cannot believe he has actually tried 24 new foods in a month's time. I am so proud of him! One more food and Kung Fu Panda 2 is ours!

2. Don't ever say you aren't gonna eat sugar. It's a stupid goal. You will eat sugar again someday and lots of it and then what was the point of depriving yourself for a period of time and obsessing and driving everyone around you crazy in the process? It's dumb. How about this goal: You don't want to be a fat fatty? Quit eating every piece of crap that you can. Eat less crap ok. If you don't want to be fat do that. Great. Glad we had this talk.

3. Blog goal went well. Didn't blog every single day and didn't ever do just one picture. Whateves.

4. Family schedule still saving my buns all the time. The weeks I have been slow to make a new one or haven't done it all together we have missed birthday parties, appointments, I have struggled with what to make for dinner...etc. so moral of the story for me: do it so you can remember stuff.

Now for June which is almost over:

My goal is to go for it!

And I have been.

I don't have work until sometime at the end of July and I have been off since June 1st and I have been enjoying my long days with the kids and free evenings to just be. Plus, come first term I am teaching two classes back to back. That's four hours straight in an intense 7 week term. I love my job a lot, but I love being home with my family way more. This break has been a dream.

I am taking a once a week, four week long fashion design class right now on Wednesday nights and so far week one has been a dream and pushed me to pursue some projects I have always wanted to do, but been too scared to try. More about that later. But it is fun and I am going for it! My teacher is my friend Rebecca Waldron and she is very inspirational and encouraging.

Oh and we have to design a line of something by the end of the class. We needed to have a logo for this line and since graphic design is like a foriegn language to me I hired my favorite graphic designer Thomas. The teal dot on the top of my new, cool header is my logo except it has, "Across the Sea" written in it. So, yeah, Thomas is cool. I draw what I want for him on paper and he makes it happen in an even better way than I imagined on phtoshop. You are cool Thomas. Did I mention that?

Ok have a nice life bye!


Ashley said...

I like your new header! It is awesome! Maybe I would blog more if I had a cooler header.

melissa said...

phew i'm glad you said it--whenever someone tells me they're going to stop eating sugar for _______ i think "well that's a dumb idea," but my mama taught me better so i don't say it. instead, a goal like "make one cookie be your cookie threshold instead of five," is more realistic (only not realistic for me, we're trying to cut down to three here).

Carrie said...

I snorted out loud at number two.

And then again at melissa's comment

And then again when I typed that.

Love you guys.

Ps. AWWEESOOOOOME on the fashion design class. I took a few months back and it kicked. my. trash. So much thinking about fabrics and silhouettes and illustrations and all that. You should for SURE share more about this.

Carrie said...


Also i love your header/logo. Good work, Stephanie's live-in graphic designer extraordinaire.

Melissa said...

that is the perfect header for your blog. i love it!

I want you to pass on everything you learn, from your class. Then maybe I can learn something too!

Karen in Progress said...

I love your new header.

Way to go on making Ambrose try new foods. That's a tricky thing, but it will help him so much in the long run, :)

liko said...

when i spotted your new header the other day i was kinda wondering how you made it. i like it a lot.
and go you!!
you are on a roll, so keep on rolling!!

Mariko said...

Yeah, I needed that talk, but girly, I can't stop at less crap. Once I get a taste I just want more crap. And it's a terrible awful spiral. I'm like an alcoholic but for crap (let's not make that a word, shall we?).
Anyway, I'm not eating sugar. Meh.

Good goals. I like that you're doing that class. It sounds fun, even for a visually challenged girl like me.

Smiths said...

So, I'm a great friend and I'll tell you why... I also attempted no sugar and also went way overboard in the other direction only 4 days later. Ugh. What's an addict to do? I'll tell you what: find comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one that fails at that one. There are other things we're good at, and hey, nobody can take those 4 days from me. Nobody. :)