30 June 2011

That does it.

If we stay here in this messy house we will all die.
I'm waiting for my new theme songs to burn to a disc. It needs to come too.
It's so good.
I'm gonna go eat one of my favorite lunches and hit up a thrift store or three.

I'm taking the sidekicks.
Of course.

Maybe magic fairies will come clean my house while I am gone.
Maybe I'll figure out a new name for my line since my favorite one is taken by someone who doesn't even have a shop.
Maybe you'd like to dress like a mermaid too?
Maybe I'll magically get better after I eat some good food.
Maybe we'll find what we are looking for.

Maybe I'll get feeling like myself again.

Maybe we should have left already.



echo said...

lets do some thrifting this weekend. i have been feeling the urge and since marc is leaving for 3 weeks i can make him feel bad and he will watch the kids.

sheila said...

I'm eager to see the coming of all this across-the-sea-mermaid-nautical-sea-foam-green-.. notions.