29 June 2011


This is our third sick day in a row which means we had to opt out on swim lessons again and cancel a much anticipated trip to "the dinosaur museum" with Grandma and Papa this afternoon.

I always have hesitations of self-doubt when canceling a normal day for us.... am I making the right choice? But it is always the right choie to not infect others right?

So, in order to avoid the somewhat depressing boredom that was yesterday we made a list of what Ambrose thinks we should do today...

Allow me to translate:

1. Build a fort
2. Make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
3. Watch The Little Mermaid
4. Dance and sing on the family room rug
5. Play with all the Toy Story "critters" and "creacters" (Characters I am guessing... I've just been informed that critters are small and "creacters" are tall. Duh.)
6. March in our own parade
7. PBSkids.org

So, yeah, we've got a lot to do.

Fort's already done.

Oh and I got my top and bottom done the other night for our service project:

Very simple, very fast, very nautical.

Ok, I better go make some cookies. Aloha.


Ashley said...

Poor sick boy! That is such a cute picture though.

Melissa said...

very cute quilt! such cute fabric choices!

I would commit to making one, but I may not follow through on that because this house is taking ALL of my effort. BUT I will try. :)

kimball said...

The chocolate chip cookies sound delicious. Some of the others on the list make me want to hit the babysitters number on speed dial. I'm joking. It looks very fun.