26 June 2011

Waikiki Aquarium and a roof-top pool

Thomas was trying to ignore a bad cold all week and finally gave in on Thursday so we let him have a quiet house to sleep in all day and had fun with the Parkers again. Can't beat a day of fun that costs under $10 total. Love being a Kama'aina in Hawaii. We should really take advantage of this stuff more often!

Swimming amongst the high-rises is pretty awesome. Ambrose amazed me with his new swimming skills!

After this vacation I would very much like to buy an underwater camera like Matti's. Look how cool!

One more day of these stay-cation pictures...can you take it?


Karen in Progress said...

I love the aquarium. Great pictures. :)

liko said...

love it!! let's get underwater cameras!!

echo said...

i was just telling marc how much i wanted an underwater camera like mattis yesterday.
looks like you guys had a super fun time.

Sheila... said...

love your staycation pictures.
Hawaii is pretty cool, I guess.