19 July 2011

Learning lessons over and over and over....etc.

When I work out and watch what I eat a little bit more I feel better.

When I play more with my kids and worry less about how to raise them we are all happier and they grow up just fine.

When I put time and energy into people who love me and reciprocate I feel content and complete. It's not like you're leaving people behind if they are not around to be left right? Follow me here.

When I get things done on my to-do list I don't have anxiety.

When we get outdoors we are happy.

When I read my scriptures and pray I feel direction.

When my clothes start feeling tight I should move my body and sweat more.

When I take things off my google reader that are just noise and clutter I don't miss a thing.

When I force myself to go to bed earlier I can wake up and work out and greet my children with a smile instead of irritation in the morning. (Trying not to think of all the psychological damage of having a mother who is genuinely annoyed to see them in the morning might have done to them. Yikes. No one deserves that.)

When I fearlessly pursue all the creative obsessions I have bursting and dancing around in my mind all day I feel complete joy. (Still working on the confidence to say that like I mean it and to actually execute said obsessions before they take over my brain!)

When I act like a 50s housewife and take care of my home, kids, and man with interest and love things run smoothly, our home is like a heaven on earth, and everyone gets what they need. Especially me. And that might be the biggest surprise of them all.

When I blog the things I want to remember forever, the things I think my family will enjoy, the things I want to share with my "honestly on to" pals, and loved ones near and far, and forget the rest, I blog without wondering who will think I am simple, or silly, or self-centered, or whatever. And I like it. Even if it leads to gigantic run-on sentences ok.

When I shower regularly we all win.



Hema and Becky said...

Great post! I needed to be reminded of those today. I just printed out a 2 page to do list for this week, I better refocus on what's really important!

melissa said...

i agree with all of that besides showering. showering? bo-ring.

Melissa said...

you make me smile! I love your bit about being "genuinely annoyed" to see your kids in the morning, after a late night! lol--I love your honesty! :)

Melissa said...

and of course we've all been there!

echo said...

amen steph. amen.

Mariko said...

Friend, you've never done one thing poorly. You've got the balance just right.

Except you'd better still eat cookies. Even if the scale tips in that direction.

liko said...

ditto mariko.
and your post.

boo face mcjones said...

Oh goodness. I knew I liked you. I particularly needed a reminder about putting effort into people who are worth my time and will reciprocate. Because why even bother with those who won't? And heeding your reminder, I should probably go move my body.


Megan and Keli'i said...

Amen. and amen.

It's like you're reading my mind!

Diana said...

i love every bit of your brilliant self.

Carrie said...

I've typed three comments but none of them express that that was de-lightful to read. I so enjoyed it.

I'll never erase you from my reader. In spirit of course, because you are one of 3 blogs (including mellie) I refuse to add to my reader for some reason.

Matti said...

2 thumbs up. ;-)

Bianca said...