01 September 2011

First day of school

Now that I've alienated everyone who uses Facebook (which means everyone but my mom!) let's move on to some first day of preschool pics I just got off Thomas' camera. This boy loves school and was so excited.

Ash is jealous everyday and it's a big scene when I go to pick Ambrose up because Asher runs straight back to the cool play area and has to be dragged out kicking and screaming with an arched back like a brand new baby. I love these crazy boys.


Melissa said...

aww super cute pic of Amby boy. Can't believe how big and tall he has gotten!!

.Ang. said...

He looks all grown up!! Is it the hair? The back to school clothes? The back pack??? Or did he really grow up since I moved??


Here's to you and to one on one time with Asher and many more years of First day's of school!!

miss ya!

Brittany said...

First day of school is socute at this age!!!!

Smiths said...

I'm so glad the school thing is going well. I think it's especially sweet that Asher is so interested in it all. And it sounds like he wants in on it. Cute. It can be hard being little.

Now with Taj in school I feel like my life (as Mom) is flashing before my eyes. All too soon Eden, then Olivia will be in school and I will be lost. I need to learn how to let "future Jill" deal with it and not worry about it now.

Ashley said...

Way too cute! I love picture with his hands up to his face, like he is so excited and he can't contain it. Just let Asher play on the cool play area. Don't you remember being the youngest and feeling left out?

kimball said...

The kids look so happy and cute.