14 October 2011

Brother friends

They don't always get along perfectly, but man do they love each other. I am having fun being the Mama to these two bright shiny souls.

I imagine them at 15 and 13 running around the mountains behind Laie like their daddy did.

I'm looking forward to them playing instruments with their dad and dreading the inevitable close calls they encounter jumping off The Point with their friends.

My heartaches a little with pride as I think about all they'll encounter for two years on their missions. I want to protect them from rejection, danger, and loneliness and I want to get them on the most direct path out there more than anything in the world at the same time.

I want to keep our family in this fun, small, tight unit forever and not complicate the simple joy we have and in the very next second I can't wait to give these boys another little sibling friend someday!
That baby child would be a good, if not overly enthusiastic, big brother.
They're both pros at the whole "fierce love" thing.

Best brother friends forever.


melissa said...

they're sweetly loved.

shields family said...

awesome! somehow you make the simple things in life seem like the greatest things.

gracias for that cousin!

Mariko said...

That's such a fantastic series of pictures. I suddenly want to sleep in my living room.

laurel said...

so handsome and tender, but don't worry, I'll with-stain from eating them up.

Also, I have two other words for you Stephanie: Project Runway.

lizzie said...

Oh -- the "fierce love" -- yes. Mine too. I'm itching to get your two and my two together.

Ashley said...

Can you move to Utah...please?