14 October 2011

Wanted: Creative cohorts

Tonight I'm craving a close-knit clan of creatives.

Someone who just licked their lips with the aliteration in that last sentence. Because it's tasty.

Artists, foodies, crafters, writers, photographers, poets, bloggers, musicians, chefs, designers-you know, those types and more.

I've been reading about writing.

I've been watching shows about baking and art.

I've been blown-away with inspiration on the Internet.

I've been keeping obsessive notebooks all over my house collecting strands of promise or whim.

I've been bubbling and crackling and snapping away in my mind over concepts and unborn free-form sparks.


I've been wondering if you spend more time reading about creating than actually executing the ideas that are screaming to get out?

Because I have.

The sewing society was fun last year, but this time around I feel like we can all take it further.

I want kindred souls to share and encourage the process. I want a band of geniuses reaching toward something more than an occasional night of arts and crafts.

I have writing ideas and sewing concepts and baking questions and art hopes and photography projects to explore and I'm excited.

And I want it to mean something and matter.

Anyone feel the same?


Brittany said...

I LOVE your label on this post. I just now laughed out loud and woke up my husband! You're awesome....

echo said...

yes yes yes yes. to all the questions yes.

Meg said...

Me! Lets do it! I'm all in.

liko said...

yo, i'm down with being productive with the downtime i do have.
i need to create things to stay sane - otherwise i get a little cuckoo and my family can probably confirm that confession.
baking, cooking, photography, creating beautiful, wonderful things - i'm working on getting better at each - all in due time, i guess.
and that alliteration really was tasty!

melissa said...

you know i'm in on any of your schemes any time any where. especially atop a ruined castle, but through the internet, too i guess.

Erin said...

dito. i have lists and LISTS of things I want to write about but haven't/can't figure out how.

.Ang. said...

I am interested in any club you start!

I love this one most!!


Rebecca Waldron said...


StaceynMark said...

yes. definitely yes.

Sheila... said...

um, yeah.

the pinterest challenge!! I did one last week and it felt oh so good.

lmk next time you are free. i'm there.

kari said...

Count me in!! I love this.

ashley said...

holla! yep, count me in. i say one good late night- planned activity every month. that way it is not too often and maybe there could be a theme- like cooking, sewing, writing... and then a few people could take a night and plan some things to do? i love the sewing society too but maybe more formal would get people doing more?

also, thanks for being a good blog commenter. i suck at looking at other peoples blogs let alone commenting on them. so good on you.

and ivy wants to hang with man child #1 some time. maybe tomorrow after he is done with school???