18 October 2011

Let's get started then.

I have so many ideas that are just babies or little bits of something that should/could be much bigger. But I let "stuff" hold me back. I really hate "stuff"... don't you?

I have some secret hopes that I wish would happen, but I am afraid of taking things to the next level and failing. And other people KNOWING I failed.

I am afraid of rejection.

I don't have a lot of free time to dedicate to anything that doesn't involve caring for and spending time with my family, the job I already have and love, and maintaining my health and sanity.

I am insecure about my talents and abilities because I feel like there are so many people who are better writers, crafters, designers, cooks...etc than insignificant me.

I am not competitive at all and sometimes going for it and succeeding requires a little bit of a competitive spirit. I would rather give up from the start if it means I can avoid competing with someone else. It's not that I'm so great and nice or anything, but competitiveness usually means comparing yourself to others and that never ends well or trying to beat out someone and I never feel good about that. So I just usually try and keep competitive people at arms length because have you met a competitive person? They are usually really hard to get along with. You can never win with them.

So.... all these reasons and more hold me back from going for it with my passions in my life. I am sure some of this "stuff" may be familiar and holding you back as well.

I am going to look at that list boldly in the face and say, "Yeah, so?" and try and march forward anyway and go for it!

If you are ready to go for it too- let's meet up! I think we could all benefit from sitting in a room together and admitting what we want to do with our passions and brainstorming how to take these hopes to the next level together. If you live across the sea from us, let's do it via the comments section or email or over the phone!

Every good group should have a name so I am calling us "The Creative Collective" and that'll do for now.

This is a productive, supportive, and honest group. We are going to help each other and cheer each other on. We are going to brainstorm, create, and make great things happen in our lives. I hope this group will not take away from what's most important in our already busy worlds, but enhance and bless it.

So I think Ash had a good idea to make it a monthly meet up and for the first one I say we just all come with a goal in mind of what you want to do with your particular passion(s). You have to admit it to yourself. For example:

I want to finally get organized with editing and publishing, but I just need to bounce ideas off people before I make my plan of attack.

I have all the stuff cut out and needing to be sewn for this etsy shop I planned to open last summer, but I just need to go for it and I want to talk to other etsy shop owners before I start.

I want to make more things for my family and home and I like to talk to crafty types about these things.

I want to get a few freezer meals made for busy weeks and I wonder where to start.

I want to look for more opportunities to attend artistic events with my family or just with a few artsy friends.

I have a million of these ideas and I want a creative collective to brainstorm with and to lend advice or encouragement to others.

Let's do it! Does Friday 10/28 or Sat 10/29 at 8PM work better? The most votes wins. Let's make this happen!


melissa said...

oh i've got a halloween party on the 28th so let's meet up on the 29th...oh wait, i forgot, you live oceans and oceans away. do it whatever night you want then, and i'll just butt my way in with emails and comments then! and maybe some skype sometimes. xxoo

iMaLLheaRt said...

uh...this is EXACTLY how I feel when I see you! The whole feeling insignificant part... I WANT to do all the crafty things you and your friends do but I don't have time and supplies to do everything I want...BUT I want to get started so I can do either night as long as I can bring the kids cuz hubby is gonna be working Haunted Lagoon.


Emily said...

Hi lady! You are the best. I wish we lived closer... you are a fountain of good ideas! My friends and I just started a work swap. We brainstorm, collaborate, and rotate homes to tackle some of the projects for a couple hours. It is awesome because we get so much done! Painting, gardening, front porch cute-ifying, etc. I highly recommend it. That's all. love ya.

TanuvasaCasa said...

oooh! I love it!!! Friday would work best for me since we'll be on the other side of the island saturday, but don't work around me though. I'll happily join along in the blog

sheila said...

I won't have much to contribute, but I'd love to hear ideas from other crafty crafters. Sat works better for me, but Friday as well.

Matti said...

i will still be adjusting to the time change friday. I have a better chance of staying up past 6 pm if we get together saturday. ;-) Super excited about this group. I feel like it will be my AA group to help me not be lazy/scared....whatever my excuse to get whatever done any more. Thanks Steph!

Becky said...

I'm in Hawaii for the next week or so, we should hang out and go to lunch or something! I'm staying in Honolulu but we're planning on going to the North Shore for 2 days or so. It's kind of hard to know because I'm tagging along with my parents and Zoe's schedule is pretty unpredictable. Poor Chase is working in Idaho :( Shoot me an email to let me know what you think. peakmo (at) yahoo (dot) com

Nihan said...

I'm in!

StaceynMark said...

I'm in too! Saturday is prolly better for me. Yay- Matti is back on the island!

Jared Zane said...

I want to gooo...waaaah I wish I could!

liko said...

i feel my creative juices disappearing. i may come just to get inspired again.
let me know what day and i will be there!!
i'm late in reading this!!!