31 October 2011


Ambrose's fierce Jack:

Daddy's scary Jack:

Mommy's lame Jack: (I obviously spent 75% of my time cleaning and roasting pumpkin seeds and hmmmm maybe less than 25% on design...)

Asher's Jack Skellington:

(Can you believe Asher made that himself? He's so advanced and perfect. We're way proud.)
Have a spooooooooky Halloween everyone!

I gave all my students out-of-class assignments for today so I wouldn't miss one minute of Halloween fun with these shaggy haired Jack-o-lanterns!



liko said...

haha! happy halloween!!
i let malik draw his jack-o-lantern's face on and then cute it out, making it straighter than his crooked drawing.
and faith picked out the face she wanted on hers and i cut it out. so yeah, i guess i did most of the work but they still claim them as theirs and that's cool.
i love all of your pumpkins!!
happy halloween!!

liko said...

in my excitement i had to wish it twice on you!

liko said...

and, i guess great minds think alike because i have this same song playing on my blog! different version but same song. :-)

stephanie joy said...

I can always count on you to get all festive with me! :) Happy Halloween to you too!

Meg said...

Very spooky! Asher is most definitely advanced.

Ashley said...

I love Ambrose is making the same face as his! And Asher is a child prodigy, what else can he do???