01 November 2011

Creative Collective goal time!

We had a fun time at our first meeting. Everyone (somewhat reluctantly) admitted what they wanted to do with their hopes and passions and then we made goals to get started over the month of November.

What do you want to do? Write it down. Admit it to yourself. Make a realistic plan to get it accomplished. Tell us what it is! You'll be a little more accountable that way and more likely to get it done.

I am committing to finally sewing the seven bags I cut out for a future etsy shop. It's a big goal for the month of November, but I can do it!

Some people are starting handmade Christmas gifts, selling at craft fairs, baking or creating a Pinterest project for every two pins they put up, getting things up on their walls to make their house a home, honing their photography skills, simplifying their work schedules to spend more time with their children, stocking up on handmade cards to have on hand for special occasions, and looking into a dream business idea.

Pretty fantastic right? I was bubbling with excitement and inspiration just being in the presence of so many great ideas.

You can do cool stuff too so let's work together! Comment on what you want to accomplish in the month of November and I'll check in with you by the next meeting and maybe even post your progress on the blog if you'll let me! We can do the things we have always wanted to do because now we all have a creative support team!

Next meeting: Saturday Dec 3rd @8PM-- my house.

Bring what you've accomplished or an update on it. Come to get inspired! Come to plan and scheme. Come to hang-out with cool, creative people. Come for a foodie demo by someone I haven't asked yet, but am hoping she will do it because she's seriously amazing!
I'll even give her one of these if she'll do it. :)

Let's do this!


Mariko said...

Ok. I'll do it for the button.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

You make me want to move to Hawaii.

stephanie joy said...

Well that's a relief since I seriously just ordered it (before I texted you the warning... cheeky).

stephanie joy said...

Da- do it! do it! do it! I'd hardly be the only person who's stoked about that! Please?

Nate and Julie said...

Goodness...I love your creative enthusiasm! I have plans to put up my photo wall I have been working on forever and get started on these nativity puzzles we are making this year. they will be cut out and halfway painted by the end of November. There, I said it, now it will get done! Thanks for the push cuz...miss you! And thanks for the link to your friend's food blog, because you know I can't resist a good food blog!

Becky said...

I'll make the quilt I bought fabric for in Hawaii! I can't promise it'll be done, but it'll be pieced and I'll start the quilting for sure. Hopefully I can do that early and move on to another project!

Melissa said...

I'm in the beginning processes of starting 2 businesses...one in particular is an online store...I've got the domain name, now I need to look into wholesaling prices and stuff like that...that's what I will have done by then, and hopefully more!

liko said...

yay - mariko said yes and to melissa's business in the works!!

i'm going to finish faith's quilt i started once upon a time and hopefully get some cute presents made for nieces and nephews and kids!

Smiths said...

I'm there! I will inform you of my creative project for the month... it's only Nov 1st for heavens sakes!
Seriously, you're great for doing this!

.Ang. said...

Right now it is my goal to get my house back in order. Once it is there, I plan to finish recover my rocking chair, and come up with fun ways to entertain and educate Tyken during the days. --he gets too bored!

We've got birthday season coming up in our place so I also need to plan and pull off some awesome cakes and fun parties! -Wish me luck

I am excited to hear/see more from everyone else! (particularly Melissa's 2 business, and I think you should post a picture or two of these bags that you speak of.)

Henke Family said...

aw man! wish we lived closer! I have SOOOO many projects! love your inspiration!

The Prigmore Family said...

Oh Steph! Always so inspiring you are. Here's my goal for Novemb:
Do one nice thing a week for someone not related to me.
Sad that this is a goal for me but baby steps right. Thanks for giving me someone to be accountable to!