19 November 2011

27 before 28

Inspired by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, here is my 27 before 28 list... and I turn 28 in 6.5 months so I better get with it!

1. Create my dream ENG201 course for Winter
2. Open Across the Sea Shop!
3. Be completely comfortable in a swim suit
4. Establish a bedtime for myself and keep it
5. Add to our family or be on that path before my birthday... I've been practicing my baby tending skills with my friend's babies a lot lately and I'm fairly confident that I could do this again, well at least before I turn 30. Yep, we'll shoot for that.

6. New family photos
7. Learn to play the banjo
8. Date night twice a month with my Thomas
9. Temple twice a month
10. Print a year from my blog to keep as our family history
11. Finish the Book of Mormon
12. Visit another island
13. Bare my testimony in Sacrament Meeting
14. Mail a letter every week to a loved one
15. Go to dinner with my in-laws
16. Organize an inspiring creative space
17. Sew 10 things for my home/family
18. Create a piece of art for my home
19. Sew 5 things for my wardrobe
20. Make fun home videos of the kids
21. Write something to submit for publication
22. Collaborate with K on a kids book
23. Eat things that make me feel good
24. Read Daughters in My Kingdom
25. Collaborate with S on our Etsy shops
26. Continue to help my family stay out of debt
27. Read to, play with, and love my kids more and more everyday!

I'll report here when I make progress. Will I get it all done? No. But it will be an amazing half a year working on living all these dreams!


Brittany said...

Oooooo! Do #24 first! I love it.

.Ang. said...

Funny,I just found my 25 before 26 list that I made last year. I only have a couple more days to complete it... I have a feeling some things might have to carry over to my 26 before 27 list.

echo said...

love all of them. what a great idea.

echo said...

did i tell you that i asked marc for a mandolin for christmas? i have always wanted to learn. we could totally make a folksy wives band and braid our hair and wear maxi dresses.

liko said...

oooh! a children's book! i hope to someday achieve that, too! complete with artwork by myself! haha!

as for the being comfortable in a swimsuit -- you should be right now! i look back on pictures when i actually looked fabulous in one and at the time i felt fat. sucks.

i love your list! and you are still so very young!!

can't wait to hear about your progress!! woohoo!!

melissa said...

cool dude. i think your goals are so lofty--some i couldn't dream of aspiring to over the next year (or 8 months).

you know how you go through phases where you feel like you could do anything and make a lot of great goals and even achieve some of them (like this) but then you also have times where you can't imagine even accomplishing ONE thing apart from the day to day requirements? or is that just me? either way, you posting this makes me feel a little bit more on the upside.

one more thing: on my imaginary list i have "visit stephanie in hawaii"!!! a pretty good goal if i do say so myself.

shields family said...

these are great! we will take a letter in the mail and a craft by you, thanks!


Sheila... said...

Your list is fantastic. Makes we want to start my new year resolutions already.
You'll have to post everything you do. I'm that interested.

kimball said...

I can't get the tune to Pumped up Kicks out of my head. Thanks. Good goals.

sheila said...

you are amazing. keep us updated on anything you accomplish too.
ps, this makes me want to make my new year resolutions already.

Matti said...

you're always so inspiring. I'll make a list for the next 3.5 months before I make that 30mark...whoa.

katie speed said...

can I be the K in #22 ?

Bianca said...

This totally inspired me and I just made a 24 before 25! Thanks Steph!!