18 November 2011

The truth about Ash

He doesn't just look like Thomas. He is baby Thomas in many ways.
He's alright.
He is not obvious or loud and obnoxious (usually heh heh). He doesn't want your attention, not really anyway. He is funny in a quiet way. He is clever and sweet and happy to be on his own or just with me and his family, but especially me. Just like his daddy. I feel lucky that these shy types prefer me.

I rub them the wrong way sometimes because I am more forthcoming and loud. I can be extremely obvious.

I've had to learn their subtle ways and admit that my way is not the only way to interact with others and show love.

And there is something more worth the earning in their way sometimes and it can be pure magic.

So, while other kids (ahem, Ambrose) are running up to you yelling "Hey Aunty want to see my shark dance!?" and charming the crowds, the quiet kids (ahem, Asher) are being their own kind of amazing:
How do you spell attitude? ASHER.
without a shout, or waving their arms, silently being awesome. We are all so different and so important and we all matter. The loud ones, the quiet ones, all are great.


laurel said...

Awe... this is really really nice. I remember there being points in my life when I felt self conscious about not having something to say. I was quiet enough that sometimes my friends would say things like, "why are you so quiet?" But I can be very verbose too and have become much more so as I have gotten older. But, this isn't about me, or it is, but just in the sense that people are each different and special in their own way, and I like how you are able to appreciate both. I love these pictures of Asher too... I guess I just found this post particularly touching. <3

Ashley said...

Oh sweet little Ashes, I am dying to see him again!