29 November 2011

Creative Collective Game!

Reminder: Creative Collective Meet-up this Friday 12/2 @8PM at my house!
This woman is the ultimate foodie and is doing a hands-on demo with us involving holiday sweets and all I need to say is: chocolate. Now combine that word with her awesome skills and you know you're in for quite a night. You don't want to miss it. Mariko has been very gracious to show us her awesome ways so I think we should pitch in for supplies if you can- just a dollar or two should do it! See you there!

*Don't forget to give us an update on how you are doing with your goals - bring samples of your progress if you can!

Now let's play a game shall we? Yesterday I was cleaning-out a drawer and finally found all the cute hair things I have been missing for like a year at least! Then I noticed that all of them are from friends and all but one were made by friends! Even the one that wasn't handmade is so creative and totally my style. I am thankful for cool, stylish, thoughtful friends! So, no matter if you know these people or not, let's play! Which piece of hair-flare belongs to which creative type?




And Matti (pictured here with her sister, the bride!)


liko said...


liko said...

did i win?? did i win?!

Melissa said...

thats exactly my guess! :)

It was fun to see my face on your blog :)

stephanie joy said...

Sheila, Liko and Melissa WIN! Haha Sheila answered on facebook. Since there's just three of you (where di everyone go on this one?) I will give you all a prize! Melissa- if you read this - I need your mailing address!

Matti said...

2's- Ashley
3- me ;-)

i didn't cheat. did I get them?

echo said...

i knew the answers so i figured it wasn't fair for me to play. but i do like that you have been wearing the skull pin in your hair. it looks super cool.