01 December 2011

Boy of few words.

I'm taking Asher to get evaluated for speech therapy on Monday because I noticed he says way less than his peers. The words he does say aren't very recognizable to people who don't live with him. He doesn't really try to learn new words all that much... oh yeah, and he's frustrated as a two-year-old who can't get his point across can be.

I don't actually think there is anything wrong with Asher, but it's a free evaluation and I am hoping they'll give me some tools to help Asher communicate.

So, at this stage kids should have at least 50 recognizable words they use. What mom actually knows the precise (or even general) count of words their kids can say? I love when I get asked questions like this because if I don't know the exact number off the top of my head I look like a deadbeat mom and that is always super fun.

Yesterday I decided to try and write down how many words Asher has throughout the day as he said them or I thought of them. We read books, played toys, did puzzles....the usual stuff plus me feverishly writing down every utterance out of his tiny mouth.

Turns out he says at least 35 and maybe a bit more, which is more than I thought. You may not know what he is saying, but I do and that's good for now.

Anyway, we head to the evaluation Monday and I am curious to see how he does and eager for their suggestions since I do all the normal mommy prompts and toddler educational stuff that I did with Ambrose.

And now, for our family record, here is Asher's vocabulary here at almost 2 and a half:
tee-too (thank you)
bow (broke)
mao (milk)
nana (candy or banana)
rara (dog)
bable or baple (this can be used for Ambrose, brother, grandpa, temple or apple... all in context and sometimes totally frustrating for all parties involved!)
nigh (mine)
grara (grandma)
tee (please)
deedee (baby or Woody from Toy Story)
shhhhhhhh (he does this as he flys his band around like Buzz Lightyear to let us know that's what he wants)
bloo (blue)
raa (red)
wawow (yellow)
gee (green)
ba (black)
When I say, "one!" to count he automatically says, "two!" with a pleased look. He's never said one and only sometimes will follow-up "two" with "three!"
Sometimes he'll say, "Ready!" and then I say, "set!" and then he'll say "doe!" for go of course...
da (yes or yeah)
ball (ball or bowl)
ba (bath)
daa (dark)
oweee (when hurt)
Geedee (his buddy Gideon)
nano (another or more)
doe (hello only when he's talking on a play phone- he hardly uses it to greet people)
poo-poo (I am sure you can use your imagination here.)
doo-doo! (not another term for the previous word...choo-choo when playing with trains!)
Gee-sssss (Jesus)

And I think that's it! If you made it through that list you are his grandma or a now very bored person! :)


Ashley said...

Or an interested Aunt!

echo said...

you forgot dish. that one is my fav.

Taylor said...

if you have any other concerns, remember my boss is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician, and i'd be more than happy/willing to ask her any questions to get you some more free medical advice, tips and/or tricks.

Chant'e said...

hey, that's just like my son! he's two and know about half the words your son does. i'm glad they're in the same boat together!
no fear, their lack of vocabulary wont affect their SAT scores in 14 years.