12 November 2011

My favorite kind of craft

I love making things for new babies.

A) They're not picky

B) It's fun to use the parent's interests and hobbies to personalize them

C) You have like, nine months to think about what to make and actually do it... a deadline I can sort of handle...

D) You get to put all your love for baby and family into what you do

Here's something I made for Hayden Jack Jones:

my newest nephew. He's so handsome!

Ambrose even helped:

Hayden's daddy is a big Volkswagon and Beatles fan so....

and the onesie I am the proudest of -- of all the onesies I've painted:

Those are a lot of tiny cuts with a cheap exacto knife my friends. And it's all one minuscule piece. I almost lost my cool about three times, but everything turned out alright. Just call me steady-handed-Steph.

After all that work I couldn't let the remainder of the sketch go to waste so I made a onesie for my future child.... the one I am absolutely NOT pregnant with and won't be having until like 2013... yeah, that one.
I'll find a nice place in the attic to store it or something. Ok, thanks for looking.

What's YOUR favorite kind of craft?


Nate and Julie said...

Love them! You are so talented! I love crafts I can finish in one sitting, because it will most likely be weeks or even months before I get my stuff out again.

liko said...

oh you show-off!!

freezer paper stencil?? that's some mad skillzzz right there!!

i love them both, but really appreciate the detail of the beatles onesies!!!

and yes, affordable, cute, stylish, original, personalized = the perfect craft. simple, even better, but when you do anything really well it just feels really good to create!

liko said...

and might i just add that your nephew is adorable!!

Ashley said...

I agree your nephew is adorable! Ben and I love these...so does Hayden, he just doesn't know it yet. Thank you!

Megan and Keli'i said...

CHeck out your nephew's lips! He's adorable! Those onesies are so cute, especially the one for your unborn 2013 child. Lol. And the crafts I like best...hmmm...none. I am not a crafty girl. Blame it on my five brothers, and I still maintain I should've been born a boy. I am craft-incompetent. Wish I liked them though. Feel like I'm missing out on a whole other world.

sheila said...

cute new nephew indeed!
that is one craft I never have attempted... freezer paper right, no?
You need to share your talents.
My favorite crafts are usually the ones done spontaneously and finished withing that day. It always ends up being great because of the intense inspiration, it's like my brain takes a break and my hands have minds of their own. And then I feel refreshed. But that only happens once in a blue moon. did that make sense? hahah!

sheila said...


like how I proofread after I post?

echo said...

love them!

Robbie said...

I also love making freezer paper onesies for new babies. That or tie-dye. VW and Beatles are so creative and unique and yours came out so good!