10 November 2011


And here's my original best friends. This picture must be re-blogged every few years because it's da bomb.

We are still like this I feel: Brittany keeping her emotions in check when all is crazy around her, Natalie being good and looking at the camera but she just can't help laughing, Ashley with her head back in glee at my sorrows, and me... the emotional one.

Today I'm thankful for friends.

Friends who also happen to be my sisters: calling me to check-in and laugh (Nat), calling me with news of amazing vintage finds and more laughs (Britt), calling me to make sure it's ok to eat pizza right before giving birth to another gorgeous baby boy (CONGRATS Ash).

Friends who force me to exercise and push myself.

Friends who encourage me to craft and go for it and make me feel like a creative genius- so much support.

Friends who feed me really good food and teach me new things.

Friends whose homes feel like my own.

Friends who I trust with my children almost more than I trust myself.

Friends who live far away but consistently keep in touch, thus making the distance not a barrier, but more of a coincidence.

Friends who inspire.

Friends who uplift.

Friends who are nerdy English types like me. We have too much in common just by loving words and books. Deep, nerdy love.

Friends who provide opportunities to listen and friends who listen.

Friends who make Hawaii home. A true paradise.

Friends who love me and friends who make it easy to love right back.

Unlikely friends I find in my classroom each semester who frustrate me all the time and make me wipe away happy, proud Mama tears every couple of assignments.

Friends who I think about all the time and pressure to visit me.

Friends who can always be counted on for a good time or to go along with all my hair-brained schemes.

Friends who raised me as close confidants whom I still have in my phone as "Home" and can always call with my problems, joys, and whims. I miss those friends the most and wish I could still crawl in between them at midnight as they sleepily listen to every single detail of my wild, teenage life with patient and drowsy interest.

Friends downstairs who support me all the time in my creative pursuits, healthy goals, and in loving my children. These friends don't hear thank you from me enough, but I really love them a whole lot.

Friends who live with me and love me unconditionally and are my greatest joy and best friends of all. Where would I be without them? Too scary to think about.

Friends who I can pray to, strive to be like, and feel comfort from.

Today I am thankful for friends.


liko said...

ah! friends. a necessity -- even if i don't get enough (or much) in-person interaction with said friends as of late.

but i am oh so very grateful for good friends in my life. when everything else can seem to be falling apart and crazy, just thoughts of friends can keep me centered and sane.

and mylo xyloto is an awesome album and you do have THE best labels!!

Jessica F. said...

I love that picture! It is really the best picture of all times maybe. Ashley kills me in it. I also so how put together Brit looks. LOVE IT!

Monica said...

That picture is HILARIOUS! Love it!

melissa said...

i love that picture too. i remember you posting it before and it's awesome. i can't even imagine: having THREE sisters??!! and no brothers??!! what that must be like.

i'm grateful for friends who still want to be my handwritten penpal after being pals for (holy cow) 7 1/2 years. xxoo

Julie said...

I too love that picture! I can only hope that my girls will be as great of friends as you 4 are. Miss you cuz!

Natalie said...

Great post Steph! I am glad we are all good friends too.

echo said...

you are my friend.
i am grateful for you.

Diana said...

you have so many great friends because you are such a good friend to all. i don't think its easy to give and love as much as you do. and that's the best picture of all time.

Melissa said...

that is just the funniest/cutest picture ever!! and I love how your parents bought that one...so cute. haha best picture ever.

you are a good friend to all your friends. I love you!

Melissa said...
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