08 November 2011

Better than therapy.

Clockwise: Thomas. Ambrose. Asher. Stephanie.

Ambrose and Asher love this song (Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri)...

and it cracks me up.

Ambrose knows about 90% of the ultra dramatic lyrics and sings them with feeling. He frequently requests it in the car and we drive around the 'aina quite a bit... lots of practice time.

"You're gonna catch a cooooold..." You really should hear him.

That last, grand crescendo in all it's glory... oh man, you really should hear me.

I sing it out to every one of my worries. Telling them right off.

I hope I'm not secretly on that show where they put a video camera in the dashboard to capture all the karaoke humiliation. In my mind I give this gal a run for her money.

But boy does this song, full blast, full-out, full of every frustration of the day feel just right. Like a good cry. HA! Goodnight.


liko said...

haha!! nothing like a sundae party and belting out some deep lyrics to feel better!

Anna K. said...

That looks soooooooo delicious

Carrie said...

SO TRUE!!!!! Also Adele's newerish song is awesome to blast and sing loooooud.