07 November 2011

A pile.

I have to grade all these. I should have days ago. I will by time I go to bed tonight. I will. Even if it makes me sick. And it will.

My life feels like this pile right now.

Lots of to-dos
people waiting on me

cute little faces that are way more important than all of that needing lots from me too

a husband who doesn't demand much, but deserves a lot




all feeling like a distant but important goal too


a big, messy pile. I think I'll make a master list with a great playlist as my companion tonight and fight the good fight...

so I can get back to those cute little faces and that husband who waits. Health, sanity and spirituality will follow.


k.brewer said...

oh the story of my life, always piles of TO DO's sadly it is more like stacks of boxes of paper and tax returns. But one day at a time, and for me checking one thing off my personal "to do" list makes me feel good.

liko said...

you've got it figured out it seems.

i wish things were as simple as they sometimes sound. or maybe they are and i just make them more complicated than they need to be.

anyways, i know you'll ride this wave out just fine.


Kristen said...

Steph, you are always seem to have everything put together. Just so you know. This messy "pile" you speak of, definitely does not show through. You always appear to be confident and taking things in stride with a smile. I admire that. :)

Kristen said...

ha, it's 4:40 am.... um forgive the typos and grammar... la la la la la