29 December 2011

It has become evident...

1. When I am making designs and patterns up as I go I encounter interesting road-blocks... like, what exactly was my game plan for the straps for these backpacks I made the boys? I still don't know. I will have to make that up sometime when I haven't been making things up all night.

2. I sure do have a "look" I keep going for don't I? What would happen if the next thing I made had nothing to do with anchors, sailing, red, mustard, navy, or turquoise? Would I die?

3. Hours were spent on details my kids won't give a hoot about. I lined this bag and gave it an interior pocket and made sure the top flap was lined... my kids surely won't notice the adorable vintage, nautical fabric inside--they just want to make sure one doesn't have more fruit snacks than the other.

4. It's also apparent that I go to great lengths for even a glimmer of promise of silence at church. That's what these are for. One day a week. Lined and hand-stitched and lined again and my own pattern... for one hour, really, a week. Great lengths my friends.

5. In spite of all these earth-shattering revelations, I still had a fantastic time making these backpacks with good music in the background and the image of how excited they'll be to have something their very own with their names hand-stitched on that their Mama made with love .... and the hope that they'll zip it for a few minutes, I'll take just a few, at church.


Carol Yuen said...

You rock! Your kids are so lucky to have a momma that makes cool bags for them! And I'm sure they'll appreciate it...one day. If it's any consolation, I love them! :)

melissa said...

how about you teach me how to sew?

liko said...

so cute!!
and those handles are to hang up on hooks while at home, duh!

echo said...

awesome mom. lucky kids