19 December 2011

What should I give the best Sunbeam teachers ever?

I am really grateful for Ambrose's primary teachers. The certainly do a lot more prep for their lessons than I ever did as a Sunbeam teacher and I am so inspired by them!

Ambrose comes home with all kinds of facts, for instance, out of seemingly nowhere at the dinner table last night, "When Jesus Christ returns the sun and the moon will turn to darkness and the stars..... will fall from the sky."

Me: "Oh my goodness yes that's true I guess wow Ambrose! How did you know that?"

A: "My teachers at church."

Me: "Good for them!"

I need to take them something for Christmas- with all the costumes, crafts, and facts he comes home with they've earned a fruit basket or fudge or something!


liko said...

wow - the costumes and props -- so fun for them!
and yeah, i'd say they are deserving of some fudge - or homemade chocolates and marshmallows!!

Hema and Becky said...

Love great Primary teachers!!! That is a great picture!