04 February 2012

Creative Collective February Meet-up!

Brothers and Sisters Alooooha.

Where did January go? We haven't met up for a while and I think we need to get our creative batteries recharged with some fresh inspiration.

So, let's get gussied-up, or whatever, and go out to the Honolulu Academy of Arts Fri Feb 24 @6-9PM for ARTafterDark!


celebrates the incredible gift of The Contemporary Museum to the Honolulu Academy of of Arts—the result is the Honolulu Museum of Art. Some things are just better together.


Spinning on the decks are DJs Slant + Kevin with mash-ups of classic and contemporary hip-hop, pop, house and everything in between.

Electronic artist VIZ creates a special digital piece inspired by the theme Better Together.

Don’t miss this live art performance by artists participating in Pow Wow, a gathering of street artists from around the world organized by Hawai‘i’s Jasper Wong.

Art scavenger hunt

Search for clues in select galleries for a chance to win great prizes.

Zip tour

Take a tour of the new exhibition Hawai'i Art Now in Gallery 28.


Town and Downtown revive classic food-and-drink pairings with fresh twists.

I think it's $10 to get in. More info here. Meet at my house no later than 5PM unless you want to drive solo. We can talk about our creative goals and pursuits on the way down in the ultra-creatively, cool minivan... I have yellow paint on the side of it ever since I dented it that one fateful time... so.... that's artsy... YOU IN?


Sheila... said...

ouch. sorry about the crash and dent.

You KNOW I'll be there. yeah-yer!

Emily said...

I want to go to there.

liko said...

are you coming my way and can i jump in??

and i have seen your "artsy" yellow car paint streaks in person. ;-)

Stephanie said...

Yes of course we can! Eek! I'm getting so excited.