27 February 2012

Our happy place.

Tonight we had an FHE lesson about things that make us have a happy feeling in our hearts. These are the kinds of lessons you teach in your home when you have a 4 and 2 year-old. I want the boys to be able to recognize the happiness, calm, and joy they feel when they are in Primary, when I read scriptures to them in bed every night, when we sing together, when we play together, when we walk around the temple grounds....etc. I've noticed the importance of this in my own life as a Latter-day Saint.

Sometimes I struggle with not having all the answers or solutions, but if I can recognize what brings me peace and joy and happiness in my heart and seek after those things then life is wonderful.

I want to make something that looks like this to go right in our front entrance of our home:

Source unknown. Grabbed from Pinterest and it didn't link up for some reason.

None of this is all connected in one perfect thought with a bang-up ending, but I just wanted to make note that I am happy. I am happy because I am working at it and because the Lord is blessing my little family. I am happy even when things go wrong or I face trials because I choose to be. I know that remembering what truly makes your heart happy and fighting for that is the best way to live in a "happy place"- even when it's not always easy.

Tonight I wasn't feeling motivated and I was a tired, but I wanted to live in a happy place and, more importantly, wanted my kids to live in a happy place. We played a long game of hide-and-seek, had FHE, ate pizza and watched Star Wars, worked on Ambrose's homework, played a game with Asher, read scriptures, and sang primary songs. Ahhhh, choosing to be happy is much better than laying around being lame and feeling guilty about laying around and being lame. :)

Sorry for the jumbled thoughts, but I like the jot down the realities. It's good for me. Ok, my grading is done and Conan's on. On to more happy times! Goodnight!


kimball said...

Excellent insight. I love reading your blog.

melissa said...

blerg, why do i have to relearn this every two days? that's why i wrote about it on my blog too. you reminded me. thanks man.

Sheila... said...

yes to more happy times!
I saw that on pinterest too. It will also go up on the wall.. someday

.Ang. said...

This post made me happy!!


I love you.