26 February 2012

We bought our plane tickets.

And thousands of dollars later this is the face we all made when we heard the grand total:

But who cares (me, my husband, our bank accounts...) anyway because we are going on a trip this summer! YAHOO!

Coming to a city near you:

Bakersfield: June 13-22

New Port Beach, CA: June 23-29 (Hawkins family reunion)

Colorado Rockies: June 30ish- July 6 (Robertson family reunion)

Hopefully Utah: July 7ish-July 10 (My "Honestly on to" pals and Thomas' hanabuddah days reunion please.... we can squeeze it all in I swear!)

Back to CA: July 10ish-July 11ish

Back to Hawaii: July 12

Whew. I am already tired of my kids fighting in the car and sad that I missed out on seeing 3/4 of the people we intended to see! Oh well, there's always next trip in like 2017. See you sometime!


Sheila... said...

ok. book me down for something on the 12th!


I'm happy for you.

liko said...

a month-long summer vacay = awesome!!!!

Marcus Lane said...

I hope we get to see you guys either in UT or CA!!

Nate and Julie said...

Colorado Rockies?!?! What do I have to do to get in on that????

Emily said...

We did this 2 years ago, from the east coast to the west coast. SO much fun! So nice to go back home after it all. :)

And finally: such a better plan than trying to travel during the holidays when everyone is sick puking, coughing, etc. and stressed out about holiday to-do lists. YAY SUMMER 2012!

k.brewer said...

WOAH!!! that looks like some crazy fun. Let me know if you need a place to crash while you are in SoCal OC area. We have officially decided we won't be visiting Hawaii until Paul graduates because our pocketbooks can't handle the crazy airline costs. I think we should just buy an airplane at this point hahah.

melissa said...

money shmoney! who needs it! it's for the birds! see you soon!!!!!!!!!