25 February 2012

We got together yeah yeah yeah.

We had so much fun getting out to Honolulu last night and soaking up some pure inspiration!

Next meet-up should be easier to accomodate everyone who had to miss this time. It's back at my house in March for a Pinterest themed night. More details to come!


Sheila... said...

Steph, you ROCK.
this was super fun and I'm glad I went. I've been wanting to do something like this since college days 5 years ago.
Good times for everyone!
aaaaand I'm already excited for next months theme!

melissa said...

oh yeah, your house is much more accommodating, thanks.

Stephanie said...

Oh Mel P you sassafras. I like you.

Kate said...

a pinterest themed night? goodness that sounds like fun, maybe I'll host one of those! Everyone bring your fav pinterest inspired craft/cooking project to share... yikes, love it!

liko said...

yeah, that last pose was so totally not even planned!
and i, too, am excited about next month - anything having to do with pinterest is just something to look forward to.
i am glad i got to go with you gals last night!