07 March 2012

Eating us out of house and home.

I think it would be amusing to someday look back at what exactly Ambrose ate today. What didn't he eat? Here's a picture of the boys fisting seaweed into their mouths. You couldn't have paid me to eat that stuff when I was four, but it's actually really good.

2 pieces of pizza
2 clementines
1 yellow apple
A bowl of blackberries and cut-up strawberries
A pack of fruit snacks
Another bowl of blackberries and cut-up strawberries
3 pieces of bread-- Plain. Out of the bag one-by-one like a starving little beggar.
1 package of seaweed
A large plate of dino chicken nuggets

Does he have a hollow leg? Is he growing? I guess I'm just relieved it's not all cookies and chips, but he would if he could.

And who knows what's next! Bedtime isn't for another hour or so and we do have two ripe pineapples in the house. Nothing's safe...


Melissa said...

it must be a hallow leg! sounds pretty similar to my kids today, but the little sneaky children almost finished an entire HUGE costco sized box of seaweed in ONE day today!! there are only three little packages left!! how disgusting is that!? I was in the shower when it happened.

Becky said...

"2 pieces of pizza"
It took me a minute to realize why this seemed wrong... I've just never heard them referred to as "pieces," only "slices" lol.