06 March 2012

A leprechaun under some shamrocks.

Ambrose made that shamrock chain with Grandma a while back.

We're all about keeping festive around here. We got a shamrock shake at McDonalds yesterday. I told Ambrose and Asher if they were good a leprechaun would leave chocolate gold coins for them to find sometime.... anything to hold over their heads for good behavior! Can I threaten the same thing with their Easter baskets next? And then what? The mothers day fairy won't visit if they're naughty? At the rate I'm going she's gonna skip my house all together.


melissa said...

lucky for you i think you ARE the mother's day fairy, so you can probably talk her into some kind of deal.

Blair said...

Random question: what's your pinterest account? You mention it every once in a while, and I'd love to see what you're pinning! Muchas gracias - Blair

Stephanie said...

I think it's just Stephanie Robertson, but if that's wrong try stephaniexrobertson. What's yours?

Sheila... said...

I'm liking that St Patricks day chain. we don't have anything up for the holiday. :( And Keoni is even Irish.

Don't you love holiday characters- lucky leprechaun, Easter bunny, Santa Clause... etc..? I swear parents invented them to crack their kids into shaping up.