31 March 2012

Semi-Annual General Conference Family Sleepover Party

General Conference- ahhh such a treat! The boys kind of listened and when they didn't want to listen they at least let us. They got "missionary haircuts" from the most patient grandma known to man, colored primary packets, and we had a fun dinner together tonight on their blow-up mattress watching Harry Potter. They are now sound asleep out in the front room all curled-up with each other and every single stuffed animal we own.

I love these best brother friends and family traditions that keep bringing us closer together!


Thomas said...


Matti said...

when i look at these pictures, I think....i need to be a better mom. Such a fun tradition!

liko said...

i am loving the nose-picking-little-brother, big-brother-tissue-offering sequence!!

ashley said...

such a great tradition. you guys are da bomb.