27 March 2012

Out and About

We've been out having a lot of fun lately and it all seems to center around Ambrose's birthday last week in one way or another.

First, G&G Hawkins bought us a Honolulu Zoo pass for Ambrose's 4th birthday and it expires at the end of March so we wanted to make sure and get in one final visit before we had to start paying again!

This trip was particularly fun for me because the boys are such fun, independent ages. I didn't even bring a stroller in, which is a first for us. I just gave them a zoo map and let them roam. I would hold the map out and ask them one at a time what they wanted to see and we would find it. This was also significant and cool because we noticed that Asher was calling the shots a lot and that's because he has never really been able to talk that much all the other times we have come. He can pretty well communicate what he wants to see now. Exciting progress!

Out with the old though and in with the new! G&G Hawkins asked Ambrose what he wanted for his birthday this year and he said he wanted to go to the waterpark. Luckily there was a great deal going on where if you buy one day-pass until March 26th you got in for the rest of the entire year for FREE! Way to have a birthday around this time Ambrose. Atta boy.

Asher is free and Thomas and I bought these passes too- so now we can all go as a family anytime we want all year. This is going to be great.

Monday was Prince Kuhio day so no one had school. We hit up Aligator Pond with a bunch of friends. It felt like the good old days when we got together every Friday with our little beach babies.

Let's do it again soon!

And now - not so fun- Kindergarden shots and physical. Don't let this cute, sassy face fool you. This child was frothing at the mouth and screaming, "I hate this place! Let's never come back again! I don't even want to go to Kindergarden! I hate being five! Please don't poke me again! I don't like that Aunty! Get away from me!" etc etc etc.

Geez Ambrose, no one likes shots. Take it down about 47 notches will ya? Poor guy and poor me. Can I please hire someone to take him back for his TB shot in a few months? Thanks. Oh yeah, and we found out he may need glasses. Awwwwww. It was inevitable with Thomas and me as his parents, but still kind of tragically adorable. Ambrose with glasses. Just picture it. Did you? Sad huh.

At least he got to finish the night at Chuck-E-Cheese. As if we weren't already having enough fun, we let our kids pick a place to go celebrate with just our family on their birthday. You know, the places you never take them because why would you spend that kind of money on a regular day, but then you feel bad you never take them because it seems so fun? We didn't get around to it a week ago when he actually turned five so we went last night.

The kids had never been before and they had a blast!

Who else thinks this blog is less of a photo-a-day and more of a lots-of-photos-every-few-days? I can live with that.


Natalie said...

It all looks so fun! Ah Chuck E. Cheese. My kids love that place too or used to more when they were smaller I guess. I do not like that place, but can suck it up once a year or so. :) So sorry about the kindergarten shots. We had quite a time with Jason too. He yelled loudly as we were leaving that he was never going to come back to "this place" again.

liko said...

poor amby - about the shots. I think he will look even more adorable with glasses! and the chuck-e-cheese thing - i've been telling my kids we will take them there someday...that day has yet to come!
fun life, friend.