17 March 2012

Very lucky.

The boys got up excitedly all this last week to see what "Lucky" the leprechaun had left them under the shamrock arch. The gifts were a wild array of small treats and plastic trinkets conveniently all purchased at the tiny St. Patricks Day display at our local party store. Apparently this is not a huge holiday in Hawaii. At all. "Lucky" got it all for less than $10 though so she is happy. What?! Leprechauns can be girls. They are rare and vicious, but they exist.

Here's a few of the days:

I had so much fun setting out the next surprise each night (Oops cats out of the bag... guess you know I'm really a tiny, vicious leprechaun now...) and we got such a kick out of watching the boys be so thrilled over a little toy or treat each morning.

I was proud of Ambrose too, because last night I told him Lucky would only be coming one more night so he set out not one, but TWO thank you notes for his leprechaun friend.

Maybe one is in behalf of his illiterate little brother? Thoughtful. Happy St. Pattys to all!


Nate and Julie said...

That is so cute! I LOVE the picture of Asher. How can you not love that sweet face?!

.Ang. said...

Ok, That picture of Asher is about the cutest thing I have ever seen in all my years!!


Michelle said...

We have a local party store??

Stephanie said...

Well, sort of. The closest one to us is in Windward Mall. That's the one I was referring to! :)

Ashley said...

Your boys are darling. I am in no way surprised you are a tiny vicious leprechaun. Just Kidding

Taylor said...

oh no, you mean that random dollar store they put i the shopping center went out of business?!

ps: i love ambrose's little thank you notes. so precious.

Stephanie said...

Yes Taylor - I was so sad when that place went out of business too since it was the source of all my last minute "awesome" bday presents for Ambrose's friends! Incidentally, the gift quality has gone up ten fold since that place has closed down so Ambrose's friends are happy. ;)