20 March 2012

A day in our life.

Just for future kicks, here is what our day was like on March 20, 2012:

7:20AM - Everyone out the door! Mama to teach, Ambrose to preschool, Asher to a friend's (Ryan Slade) house to play, and Daddy to work.

9:30AM- Mama picks-up Asher from Ryan's house where Ryan's speech therapist Mama helped Asher work on his communication.

10AM- Go by Laie Elementary to pick-up paper work for Ambrose's kindergarten registration.

10:30AM- Mama answers work and Relief Society emails as efficiently as possible....and then browses Pinterest since Asher is so happy eating his early lunch and watching Blues Clues.

11:20AM- Pick-up Ambrose and Adelaide from preschool and bring them to our house to play.

11:30AM- Everyone plays their hearts out like wild hooligans while Mama gets laundry done and sets out snacks for everyone (apples and cupcakes).

12noon- Mama rescues these stray treasures while doing the boys laundry:

?? forget what time ?? Adelaide leaves and Mama remembers that the speech therapist is coming in a little bit so everyone is scolded into cleaning up the house QUICK! Everyone grumbles and whines, but it miraculously gets sort of done!

1:30PM- Speech therapist time for Asher and Mama while Ambrose plays on the porch with Grandma.

2PMish- Speech therapist leaves so Asher and Mama wander downstairs to see a full-on fort building expedition in Grandmas house taking place and Mama falls asleep on grandmas couch for half an hour at least...maybe more? The boys are fed carrots by Grandma and pretend to be bunnies in their fort burrow and do not notice their napping mother at all.

4PM- First day of the new session of swim lessons begins! Ambrose was supposed to move-up to Preschool level 3 but there weren't enough kids so he got bumped up to regular big kid level 1! Woohoo! He did great and Asher loved his new teacher too. Mama feels proud watching her excited little fishies have fun in the water.

5PM- Home for dinner... it's a scavenging kind of night. Mama wishes she could say this didn't happen often, but it happens often enough. Boys eat cut-up cantaloupe and dino chicken nuggets while watching Diego.

6PM- Daddy bathes the little monsters while Mama finishes up some more laundry.

6:40PM- Asher and Daddy read books and play while Mama and Ambrose snack on pistachios and finish Ambrose's homework.

7PM- Teeth brushed, column of Book of Mormon read and explained in kid terms, primary song sang, precious Ambrose prayer offered= BED TIME AT LAST!

7:15PM- Mama and Daddy eat a random, but tasty dinner of yams, cantaloupe, corn, fresh orange and grapefruit juice from the Vitamix and watch some Conan from the DVR.

7:20- Ambrose mysteriously has to go potty...again...and then he lingers around looking adorable and hugging his parents a lot. He joins them and is (manipulatively) as cute as he can possibly be for the next 15 minutes until he is sent back to bed.

8PM- Conan done. Mama and Daddy don't care too much about the animal segments. Mama wonders if the show keeps those in reserve for when real people cancel? Mama has a little bit of grading to do and a novel to re-read 7 chapters of for class tomorrow (Chocolat) and Daddy relaxes after a long day in front of the TV.

Can't wait to start it all over tomorrow. Oh and pictures tomorrow from the knight birthday party on Monday too! Goodnight.


melissa said...

i don't know about you, but i love reading stuff like this about myself later! and yours sounds fun. sounds like you've got some great babysitters in your life :).

and the jist of 10:00 is that ambrose is going to kindergarten next year?! wowza! that's kind of exciting.

Stephanie said...

He is indeed! I can't believe it!

Jared Zane said...

I love this post! I always wonder what other mom's lives are like compared to mine. Like if their schedules are similar or if mine is totally whacked. Sounds like a full day! ~anna