21 March 2012

Ambrose's Knight Party!

Ambrose really likes this show on Nick Jr. called Mike the Knight and so he wanted a knight party. For a minute he wanted a Power Ranger party... I'm not ashamed to say that I swiftly guided him back in the knight party direction. We had a lot to work with on this theme and had so much fun getting ready for the party the week or so before.

Here's a couple of knights in training- Sir Ambrose the Great and Asher the Squire.

My friend Rachel Plunkett dropped-off those cool knights the evening before and the party wouldn't have been the same without them! So so cool!
The kids started arriving and got to choose their own armor and sword.

Then they decorated their own shield,

defended the castle,

went through a grueling knight training,

had their photo taken one last time before heading into battle,

and prepared to slay the dragon!

And just when their bellies were full of delicious dragon, and they thought they were safe, there was another dragon to slay...

leading them into full-on battle mode!

Luckily, in the end, they all came out victorious!
Adelaide the Brave!

Halahuni the Fearless!

Asher the Squire! (Not to be confused with Asher the Squirrel, because he is pretty squirrley.)

Ha'a the Loyal!

Malik the Swift!

Amy the Strong!

Pono the Courageous!

Kashus the Valiant!

Jared the Stouthearted!

Shae the Chivalrous!

(Not pictured: Ivy the Elusive...she was too smart to wear a brightly colored costume or get her photo taken- her enemies could identify her that way! Atta Ives.)
Ambrose the Great!

Thanks to all the buddies for showing up and playing even though it was so hot outside! We had a great time!


Di said...

Whoa!! I LOVE this theme. I also love the dragon cake...awesome!! And the little costumes everyone got to wear. Gosh, I'm so sad we missed this party. Nessa would of had a blast. Happy birthday Ambrose. Nice work Steph. You're such a fun & creative mom.

.Ang. said...

ummm.. You guys always have the coolest parties in the LAND!



Karina said...

My goodness! You are a fantastic mom. Looks way fun - I might copy you someday. :)

Natalie said...

So much fun Steph! What a great party for a great kid.

Mariko said...

How, How, HOW do you have time for this, girlie?
Love the armor... So cute.
And Happy Birthday dear boy! Maybe we'll have to have a late celebration at ono yo...

Emma said...

That is a fabulous birthday party! Great job!

Marcus Lane said...

Ummm cousin I need you to plan a party for Turner in the future. This is rad!!

Melissa said...

Such a fun party!! You clever mama!!

Jen Pixton said...

What a fun party! Love the dragon cake!

ashley said...

you really went above and beyond. do you think those boys will ever really know how lucky they are to have you as their mom? cause they are like the luckiest kids ever. ever.
thanks for humoring my little one and her fun quirks! she had a ball and everyone loves the sword around these parts.