15 April 2012

Better than a quiet book.

My boys loved the quiet book I made for them way back when, but it wasn't a miracle worker.

Today we had Stake Conference, which is always an exercise in obedience when you have small, rowdy children. I told Ambrose to bring a notebook to write on like mommy. I told him he could just draw what the speakers were saying instead of taking notes. He was so quiet for almost the entire time. I kept looking over at what he was writing and after I spelled out "the" for him I left him to his own, awesome devices. This is what he came up with:

Translation: The Lord

Translation: I love the Lord.

(These two go together. Oh yeah and he told me it's a scripture he made up! HA!)

Translation: (Thomas asked Ambrose and wrote down the translation at conference. Atta Thomas.) It came to pass that the Lord came to Nephi to say I need you to help me do my work Nephi and I will help you do my work. (It actually kinda makes sense if you look close enough!)

For the rest of them your guess is as good as mine or Ambrose's. Every time I ask him he acts all exasperated that I would bug him about something so obvious and then goes back to whatever he is playing. He did tell me that the end of the last one says, "my boot the end"... so there you have it!

Any guesses what the others say? I know one thing for sure: I am bringing a pad of paper to church every week from now on!


Michelle said...

Ihe first one says, "My boat by Ambrose." See the picture of the boat? The second one says, "Hi my name is Ambrose. See I have a boat." The third one says, I go places with my boat. The end.

Wow, even I am impressed with my talent at deciphering kid writing, but I guess I have had a lot of practice.:) The picture of the boat is what really tipped me off.

.Ang. said...

Oh, I just love this!

That boy is such a bright, creative light filled with wisdom and is taught well by goodly parents!

Love, love that boy!

I think his Sunday Doodles should have a regular spot on the blog!

echo said...

I sure love that Ambrose. One smart cookie.

Stephanie said...

Michelle you are blowin my mind you are totally right! Although- Ambrose insists he meant boot instead instead of boat- but still! I am highly impressed with your skills!

Michelle said...

Well, it could be a boot. I just took the wavey lines to be water. Maybe they are grass and the shape is detached a foot with a boot :) The story makes sense with a boot or a boat. I would believe the author. I guess my translation was not as perfect as I thought.

Carol Yuen said...

Wow. That was amazing! I was just gonna say it's like Mad Gab! But your friend totally translated it! Awesome! And I think I might have to start doing this with Aaron! Your kid rocks!

liko said...

i love that stage where they write and doodle the most adorable things!! great job taking pictures to document and make it last!

Ashley said...

Michelle totally beat me to it. I don't know how you missed it Stephanie. I am so impressed with his writing skills.