16 April 2012

FHE Family Journal Time

A new tradition started tonight. I got this printable sheet with conversation starters on Pinterest. After printing I cut them up and put them in a jar (see above, duh).

Thomas got to pick the first one this week since he is the oldest.



Ambrose- I would go to Heaven. ("Anywhere on earth?" Thomas prompted.) Oh, I would go to visit my Grandpa and Grandma on the Mainland!

Asher- Beach!

Thomas- New Zealand.

Stephanie- Coast-to-coast Mainland journey with my family.

We are kind of boring. Where would you go?


Becky said...

Weeeeellll... Since I've already been to New Zealand (yeah yeah!) I would want to go to France, ooh la la!

.Ang. said...

ooo!! I like this idea!!! I want to do it too!!

Where would I go? hmm.. good question...

echo said...

prague or sydney

Natalie. said...

I'll come with you, coast to coast. Can we rent a motor home?

Stephanie said...

Yes please Nat- let's go!