24 May 2012

It's all happening!

What happened to my picture-a-day?

My local photographer hasn't really been taking very many pictures and I have too many on my phone so it has refused to let me take more.... until we get our act together I'll just say HI!

And it's all happening!

Upstanding Youth has their big final show tomorrow night.  We have looked forward to and dreaded this day for a very long time.  The next day we will have a family BBQ with the band.  I can't believe it's all coming to an end.

We find out if we are having a little mermaid or another sea king on Tues the 29th!  I lay awake at night being all excited about this one.  Yes indeed.

One more unit in my ENG101 class until we take our long awaited Mainland trip.  I really am enjoying my class this summer- just one class, only twice a week, and they are so diligent and eager to please.  It's a breeze.  When I get back from vacation I decided to teach two classes.  I think it will help keep me busy as Asher starts school and I feel like a sad, where-did-my-baby-go Mom all by myself at home.

Ward camp is coming up on 6/8 and we have been looking forward to this all year.  The boys LOVE to camp- we all do.  Camping with the ward is also like a 24/7 party so good times ahead!

Asher turns 3 the first day of camp so I am just throwing a laid back, come as you are party for him out there with his two best buddies and all the ward kids who want to come.

Then we say good-bye to some very dear friends.  This is definitely NOT something ANYONE is looking forward to.

Then we'll camp our hearts out until my birthday on 6/12.  I will be 28.  That sounds old enough to be pregnant, but not necessarily with your third child.  Whateves.  The ward will have a giant potluck that night for my birthday... or because it's the last night of camp (either one) and we fly out on 6/13 for 4 weeks of glorious vacation.

Can you feel the countdown?  I can't slow any of it down so I'll just do my best to enjoy the ride!


Marcus Lane said...

If you make it to UT we would love to see you guys! And then Ashley and Ben will be forced to see us too, ha ha!! Let's play at the park, or 7 peaks or a splash pad!

Happy Summer!

Stephanie said...

Yes yes cousin we are hoping for it! We still need to get that part of the trip figured out and we may not until last minute but if we can WE WOULD LOVE TO!!

Nate and Julie said...

Sounds like a fun month and a half or so. Enjoy it!

Meg said...

Tuesday huh? Five more days! I'm excited to find out too! I'm so rooting for a girl for you (for obvious crafting reasons). Can a boy wear a mermaid tail? I might have to make one just for your cedar chest if it's not a girl, just for the future...

Stephanie said...

Meg I'd be lying if I said I didn't already have plans to contact you very first for the same exact reasons! SO EXCITED!!!

Melissa said...

I am excited to find out what you are having too!

If you make it Utah call me!

. said...

Mermaid, mermaid, mermaid! I really hope we can get our act together and see you guys while you are out here.