26 May 2012

Preschool Graduation

If you learn nothing else from reading this blog, know this: they do things BIG in Hawaii.  It's all a big celebration with lots of ceremony, music, a ton of dancing, and FOOD. And I love it.

Bright Beginnings I love you so much it hurts.  I will work myself to the bone to get Asher on the right track so we can have this amazing experience again when he is four.  What a fantastic year.  On to Kindergarten!


Jared Zane said...

Oh Ambrose you are getting so big!!! Ahhh time flies. Oh, and do you really think you will live in Hawaii forever (your tag)? Just curious because if we ever move back to HI your family would be a big reason. :)

kimball said...

What a happy day! Can't wait to be with your family.

Jessica F. said...

What a big boy. I love the dancing picture of all the kids!

Henke Family said...

Look how grown up, and tall, and intelligent Amby looks sitting in that chair! Cute photos!
I especially love the one with Addy and Ambrose. :)