02 May 2012

Pinterest Night!

Hey Creative Collective- who's ready to be creative again? Maybe you have been all along and I have just been laying around being nauseous for about a trimester or so... anyway, I no longer feel like I'm going to die all the time. Want to play? Let's have our Pinterest night! Find something you have pinned and make, bake, create, sew, craft, photograph, or attack it! Whatever it is- get it done and bring to share if you can. I'm excited! I've got a couple of things I want to do. Like this pillow I saw on New Girl last night.
You had me at ball fringe and rick-rack Zooey D. 
 Or things I have pinned long ago like the homemade fruit roll-ups that are probably to hard to execute here in Hawaii because of humidity, but still look how awesome:
And how cute and easy does this raincloud mobile look?  
And how great would these pillow mattresses be at ward camp next month?
And stop rolling your eyes and wondering where we will put a gigantic tee-pee in our not-so-gigantic house Thomas Robertson.  This is pure magic and I will make it someday!

What are you going to make?  I was thinking we could get together on either Monday 5/14 @8PM or Sat 5/19 @8PM.  What works best for you?


Monica said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there. Sounds amazing!

liko said...

please, please Saturday??!

teepee -- someday.

and if you have a dehydrator, the fruit roll-ups are totally easy to do.

Stephanie said...

Liko you are one of my all-time favorites and it is never the same without you so SAT it is!

Melissa said...

I'm just going to be lazy and repin that cloud thing from here...It's awesome. I should start making things again. I stopped after Christmas and haven't done a thing since!

Anna K. said...

I have had this post sitting up on my computer for a few days because I want to make all of the items you just posted. I wish I could go to pinterest night! Thanks for the inspiration!