03 May 2012

Mark your calendars creative people!

It looks like Sat 5/19 @8PM works best for all who have commented here, on Facebook, or just when I saw you around. :)

So that gives you some time to make this happen!

Get on Pinterest and look for something you've been meaning to create, bake, sew, craft, photograph, design, cook, or attempt in general AND DO IT!

Bring it to show-off on Sat 4/19 (at my house).  Should be a great night!  Invite anyone you want and get creating!

Here's some pictures I took on my phone one night when a bunch of us made chocolatey goodness around the holidays:

Such a fun, tasty night- I love my creative pals!


Thomas said...

I think you mean 5/19 not 4/19. You can delete this comment after you fix it.

Stephanie said...

DOH! Thanks T-Rob. You're always lookin out!

liko said...

i'd better get crackin'!!

sheila said...

Those images make me miss Christmas.

i'll be there!

liko said...

and looking back on these photos - it was a stripe-filled chocolatey evening!!